Shockwave Jerbolan
Security footage
You'll be dead before you know she's there
Alignment Corruptor
Status Active
Gender female
Height 5'5 sans ears
Weight medium

Database informationEdit

  • Name: Shockwave Jerbolan
  • Faction: Hi'ran Faction
  • Rank: SA Rank
  • Type: Destruction
  • Infected?: no

Off-white jerboa android. Cold, calculating, cruel and incredibly dangerous. Very agile and fast, fights using shockwaves and earthquakes, full capabilities unknown. Attacks are able to bypass heavy armor.


Illegally built as a construction worker to tear down buildings, Jerbolan soon killed the other workers and disappeared. She supposedly loathes all of humanity due to the way she was treated. She rarely appears, and doesn't remain where spotted for long. She has destroyed entire outposts and groups alone, and is only known to belong to Hi'ran Faction because of her ally Flamespin Wallaroo.

Things of noticeEdit

Occasionally spotted with Hi'ran operative Flamespin Wallaroo. DO NOT approach if the two are together!

Does not appear to be following orders. Captured enemy operatives have not been aware of her plans. If possible, take in Jerbolan or Flamespin alive.

According to captured enemy operatives, Jerbolan is fond of bats and flying drones. The reason why is unclear.

Fliers that have been killed or taken captive by her have been found mutilated, often with their wings destroyed. Survivors of an attack confirmed that she tortured a flier by tearing his wings apart piece by piece before murdering him. She does not seem to do anything of this nature to her other victims.

No paper trail; Blueprints non-existent. Creator, a human, was killed and mutilated beyond recognition.