Corruptor RosterEdit

For an active Guardian Roster, please click here

For an active Mercenary Roster, please click here

Hi'ran FactionEdit

Leader: Hi'ran - Available

Second-in-command: none

Assault Commander: Spinne Hodger - Available

Espio Pichi Armi - Available

Defense Commander: Faux Shieldbreaker - Available

Azureus - Available

Boomerang Dundee - Recovering

Blitzkrieg Commander: Shockwave Jerbolan - No data

Blitzkrieg Second-in-command: Flamespin Wallaroo - Available

Tactical Commander: Melode Teran - Available

Traumoult FactionEdit

Leader: Traumoult - No data

Second-in-command: --error--

Isis Tirice - Available

Dorian - Available

Twirling Peacock - Available

Flizz Moons - Available

Jericho - Available

Teal Limiter - Pending transfer

Spinos - Available

Crypsis FactionEdit

Leader: Onca Crypsis - No data

Second-in-command: Jungle Raptop - No data

Vine Basilisk - No data

--insufficient data--

Strays/Unknown FactionEdit

There are currently no active strays.

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